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SEC Filings

OBSEVA SA filed this Form 6-K on 03/30/2018
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2017 Accomplishments and 2018-19 Expected Milestones     Milestone Timing OBE2109 (Endometriosis): Completed EDELWEISS trial EU/US patient enrollment4Q2017 NOLASIBAN (IVF): Completed IMPLANT2 trial recruitment 3Q2017 OBE022 (Preterm labor): Initiate Phase 2a PROLONG proof-of-concept clinical trial 4Q2017 NOLASIBAN (IVF): IMPLANT2 Phase 3 primary endpoint data 1Q2018 OBE2109 (Endometriosis): Phase 2b EDELWEISS 12 week primary endpoint data (pain)Mid-2018 NOLASIBAN (IVF): Live birth rate (LBR) results from IMPLANT2 trial4Q 2018 NOLASIBAN (IVF): Initiation of IMPLANT3 Trial in the U.S.4Q2018 OBE2109(Endometriosis): Phase 2b EDELWEISS 24 week BMD safety results4Q2018 OBE2109(Uterine Fibroids): Enrollment completion in Phase 3 PRIMROSE 1 and 2 trials4Q2018 OBE022 (Preterm labor): Phase 2a PROLONG interim dataLate 2018 OBE2109(Endometriosis): Initiation of Phase 3 Clinical Trial ProgramLate 2018/early 2019 NOLASIBAN (IVF): 6 month baby follow-up from IMPLANT2 trial2Q2019 OBE2109(Uterine Fibroids): Phase 3 PRIMROSE 1 and 2 , 24 week primary endpoint data2H 2019 US Phase 3 IMPLANT3 primary endpoint data (Ongoing Clinical Pregnancy 10 weeks)4Q2019 NOLASIBAN (IVF): Target EU MAA regulatory submission2H 2019