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OBSEVA SA filed this Form 6-K on 03/30/2018
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OBE2109 Profile Testing – US Gynecologists prefer a “low dose without ABT” as first line therapy • Product preference Qualitative Market Research Quintiles-IMS for ObsEva -October 2017. 30 US Gynecologists took part in this qualitative study.     Neutral scenario After showing OBE2109 PRODUCT 1:PRODUCT 2:PRODUCT 1:PRODUCT 2 (OBE2109): 1. High dose of oral1.High dose of oral GnRH 1. High dose of oral 1.OBE2109 oral tablet GnRH antagonistantagonist with GnRH antagonist with200mg given once per with mandatorymandatory add-back mandatory add-day, with mandatory add-back (as theORback (as the onlyadd-back only option)2.Low dose of oral GnRHoption)OR antagonist without add-2.OBE2109 oral tablet back75mg given once per day, without add-back [2 out of 30 respondents][28 out of 30 respondents][1 out of 30 respondents][29 out of 30 respondents] 7% respondents93% respondents3% respondents97% respondents preferred Product 1preferred Product 2preferred product 1preferred product 2 ReasonsReasons Reasons Reasons • No time to try different•More flexibility with• No time to try different•Dose flexibility dosages in severeaddback therapydosages in severe•Low dose so patientspatients considered to have •Convenient optionlesser side effects OBE2109 profile testing – Qualitative market research in the USA, October 2017 Base (N) = 30