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OBSEVA SA filed this Form 6-K on 03/30/2018
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Blocking the oxytocin receptor is a potential target for improving pregnancy & live birth rates in ART Comparative, randomized trials on the use of Atosiban (IV infusion) prior to ET in ART Meta-analysis * (Huang et al. 2017) Clinical Pregnancy Rate (6 studies; n = 1754) Atosiban 51.2% p < 0.001 Control 40.7% Live Birth Rate (3 studies; n = 1190 ) Atosiban 38.6% p < 0.083 Control    30.8% Oxytocin X Oxytocin Receptor Smooth Uterine Arteries Endometrium Muscle Lining Cells Uterine Endometrium Contractions Receptivity Uterine Blood Flow * No of embryos transfered: 1–4