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OBSEVA SA filed this Form 6-K on 03/30/2018
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Nolasiban Phase 2 Efficacy Results As per protocol, all ET were performed on day 3 in the trial FULL ANALYSIS RESULTS      Nolasiban Nolasiban Nolasiban Nolasiban PLACEBOTREND TEST 100 mg300 mg900 mgAll doses Number of subjects65626060182 Clinical pregnancy rate at 33.8%46.8%35.0%46.7%42.9%p=0.33 6 weeks after ET day Ongoing pregnancy rate at 29.2%43.5%*35.0%45.0%*41.2%p=0.15 10 weeks after OPU day Live birth rate 29.2%40.3%35.0%43.3%39.6%p=0.20 (baby born alive ³ 24 weeks gestation) Relative change in uterine contractions0.0%-8.7%-4.0%-13.3%** *p£0.10 **p£0.05, Nolasiban vs Placebo