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SEC Filings

OBSEVA SA filed this Form 6-K on 03/30/2018
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Conclusions: Nolasiban has the potential to increase clinical pregnancy rate w/o increasing multiple pregnancy rate • Nolasiban significantly increased ongoing pregnancy rate at 10 weeks: Pooled D3/D5 (primary): Placebo 28.5%, Nolasiban 35.6%, p=0.03 (7.1% absolute increase, 25% relative increase). • The largest increase in ongoing pregnancy rate was seen with D5 ET, Placebo 34.7%, Nolasiban 45.9%, p=0.03 (11.2% absolute increase, 32% relative increase). • Nolasiban very well tolerated with a safety profile not different from placebo. • Potential of nolasiban primarily as an agent to increase IVF efficacy, but also to increase the safety of IVF by supporting SET, hence dramatically reducing multiple pregnancies (from 25 -40% to â‰^ 5%). • As Standard of Care increasingly moves to D5 ET, US IMPLANT3 trial will focus on D5 ET.